About Jolè Designs

Jolè Designs was established in 2014 by Jolène Leeuwner-Maritz who shares a real love for making things that inspire the imagination. Jolè Designs carefully source, design and select products in the ranges with an eye for the smallest details, a passion for old-world craftsmanship and a desire to indulge to an activity where customers don’t just find novelties, but rather experience a journey of personal discovery. It is her goal to share South African art with the world.

The store concept appeals to both sophisticated men and women who want beautiful home ware, bath and body products and accessories. In an age of mass-production and commercialisation, Jolè Designs is destined to become a destination for well-read and well-travelled clients who long for items that aren’t found on the shelves of every store.

Jolè Designs which include Jolè Printed (products developed into different ranges of printed artwork), Jolè Corporate (a range of corporate gifts), Jolè Luxury (a luxury beauty range), Jolè Exclusive (exclusive gifts, consisting of original paintings to hand-painted pottery and more), Jogi Designs (a children’s range, designed by her two children) and Jolè Jewellery (Exclusive crafted jewellery appealing to modern and sophisticated women).


We form part of the modern design era. We also intend to expand our market presence to become one of the most recognized companies in designer and luxury products, We will consistently try and exceed our clients expectations by providing them with quality products.


To offer a world class selection of premium products and printed media and our goal is to export the Art to other countries to give South African artists a global platform.

2E4A7777_PP-2Jolène is driven by Dopamine, Endorphins and the appreciation of well-served clients. Her biggest passion is to be part of the progression of our species and she is determined and committed to be a life long student for personal enrichment and to serve with distinction. Besides her legal qualifications, she also holds a certificate in graphic design from the University of Cape Town, a certificate in digital marketing from the University of Stellenbosch, has completed a course in glass blowing through the Glass forming Academy, and is currently studying Information and Communication Technology Law at the University of Pretoria. As an Entrepreneur, Jolène owns / co-owns three other businesses namely: Bon-Jolè | Leeuwmar Consult | Leeuwner Martiz Attorneys

  • Bon-Jolè (Pty) Ltd (75% shareholder) – a beauty salon she co-owns with Bongi Majola, which promotes and uplifts the image of black woman in the beauty industry with a vision to train top therapists and extraordinary business woman.
  • Leeuwmar Consult (Pty) Ltd.(100% shareholder) – A business through which she addresses audiences as key note speaker discussing topics including but not limited to business structures, the constitution, media law, cyber law and more.
  • Leeuwner Maritz Attorneys (50% partnership) – a firm of attorneys for litigation, property, family or commercial law.

Above all else Jolène is a dedicated mother to her two daughters Jolaine and Gizelle, as well as a wife. She believes that being a mother is the most amazing gift and confirms that every thought and action are coloured by the cognisance of her children.

MartIn 1977 I started the course in BA Fine arts at PU for CHE where I studied under Nola Strauss:(the art of pottery), Zuanda Badenhorst:(the art of drawing), Titia Ballot: (Anatomy for artist and Graphic art), Oupa Coetzee:(the art of painting), History of Art with Professor Ballot and art of Design with Herman Strauss, the Late husband of Nola Strauss.

The six art lecturers had a visible effect in my later endeavours in the world of arts. To this day, I never regretted my decision to study art and would do it all over again, given the opportunity.

In 1980 I got married and started a family. In 1983 I started a course in Architecture after which I received a national Diploma in Architecture. I followed a career in architecture for three years and then applied for a position as graphic artist which I fulfilled until end of 1989.

In 1992 I started training as a potter with Rhoda Henning; well-known artist and potter in Pretoria. The therapeutic value of pottery helped to keep me sane and also stimulated my creative energy.

But it was only in 1998 that I started painting again as I met up with well known S.A. Artist , Andre Naude. A pure colourist, Andre’s wonderful, colourful paintings, inspired me to take up painting again—the art I was specifically trained in.

My main audience was friends, family and people that have seen my paintings at the few group exhibitions with Andre Naude, Rhoda Henning and Zuanda Badenhorst. Because of my extensive training, I could always draw well and would endeavour to paint a variety of themes as per commission.

I prefer to paint people, portraits, and groups of people in conversation as well as still life where I often use symbolic objects to enhance the chosen theme, which shows some influence from a much appreciated artist Alexis Preller. Henry Rossouw is another influence on my expression in art with his almost naïve, playful paintings with animals and people in dense foliage. His paintings also remind me of children’s art which is a huge favourite of mine.

My art is mostly very happy without any social comments or hidden meanings. I love to apply line and colour simultaneously and abundantly. The additional training in architecture and pottery enhances the three dimensional and organic character of my work.

I met up with my former art teacher from Potchefstroom, Zuanda Badenhorst again in Pretoria and I did two years of leisure painting classes in her studio with other artists. The inspiration to paint with other artists and share the passion for art was all I needed to renew my passion for painting and it also opened up a few doors in the art environment which was highly appreciated.

List of exhibitions:

  • 1982: Private Solo Exhibition in Kroonstad
  • 1994: Private Exhibition in Pottery with Rhoda Henning and Friends
  • 2004: Group Exhibition with Rhoda Henning and Friends
  • 2005: Group Exhibition With Andre Naude and Friends—with a Mexican Theme
  • 2010: Group Exhibition with Zuanda Badenhorst and Friends
  • 2012: Group Exhibition: Pretoria Art Museum, invited by CAANSA.
  • 2013: Group Exhbition: Art Lovers in Pretoria.. The theme was “can you here the drums
  • 2014; Group Exhition: Tina Skukan Gallery in Pretoria: The theme was: “revealing the light”